Nothing is standard

We know it's a revolutionary thought in the industry, but we figured that it's the (anti)school that should adapt to the client and not vice versa.

That's why everything depends on you. That's right, everything!

So, you decide:

  • when you start the course and how long you learn (from 1 month up),
  • the week-to-week schedule (how many lessons, what days and what time frames),
  • the types of topics you would like to discuss in class (technology, health, politics, etc.), and more.

Below is how we break down our usual offer.

General English - Groups

Enjoy learning in the company of others, but suffer none of the drawbacks of a typical group course.

Even though you meet with others during online meetings, you don't always have the same group or teacher, so you are not tied to anyone else's pace. Learn faster, progress faster - everything depends on you!

  • Schedule that adapts to you
  • Max. 4 persons in discussion meetings
  • Interesting topics that add value

From PLN 74/hour

Check out the full price list here

One-to-One Meetings

Get the undivided attention of one of our AntiMethodists and work on whatever English thing you need.

We only advise this mode of learning if you "have a long way to go and a short time to get there" or some unique project that goes beyond just general English and cannot be addressed in a group.

  • Prepare for interviews, presentations, etc.
  • Turbocharge your progress
  • Special projects

From PLN 150-385/hour

The rate depends on which one of us you need.

Company Trainings

Make sure your staff can use English competently and more. We can also design any special training to test and develop any specific English language competency.

Expand the language skills of your employees with our business-themed courses in English like Negotiation Simulations, Better Business Writing, Content Writing for Various Media, and others.

  • Customized courses
  • We won't bore your people
  • Happy clients include EY, BSH, Deloitte, etc.

Priced individually.


Although for the most part we are a school for adults, we teach a couple of groups of selected teenagers each year. Contact us to find out if we still have got room.

Note that our teen groups don't have the same flexibility like our adult groups and they never mix with adults. The same groups meet the same time each week over the course of the school year.

  • 100% communication lessons
  • Once a week/60 minutes
  • Max. 6 students per group

PLN 300/month

There is one thing we don't do and that is have courses that prepare specifically to pass various proficiency exams. We prefer teaching our clients how to think and function in English, rather than condition them how to beat a test. BUT, our clients have gone on and passed most of those tests (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT) with flying colors, proving that you don't have to waste your time on dedicated exam prep courses if you're learning the right way.

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