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"They treat you like a grown-up and don't waste your time."

Filip Miłoszewski - Listonic Cofounder

"I've got a few English certificates, passed every English test with flying colors, so I was convinced my knowledge of English was pretty decent. Wojtek started my training by crushing this conviction, which he later helped me build back up - but this time I was equipped with proper linguistic and logical tools. Now, with every email or article I write in English, I'm able to consciously decide which tense or phrasal to use."

Joanna Sosnowska - Technology Journalist, Head of Wyborcza. Tech

“Wojtek worked with us at Nightly, taking care of our English communication and teaching our content team to write in English like natives. This guy is the real deal. One, he's got a business background and it shows. Two, he understands English like an American, but more importantly, is able to translate that understanding into Polish terms and convey it so that it is clear and logical. Also, an incredible stickler for detail in communication.”  

Łukasz Młodyszewski - Ex VC, ex CEO at Nightly and EmpikFoto

"I've been meeting Wojtek 1-on-1 and I’m impressed. His ability to explain grammar and other language aspects in a very straightforward way is unique, but what impressed me most is his flexibility and ability to adapt to my often changing needs. His knowledge and experience allow for interesting conversations whether we're talking about the challenges of running a company and managing staff or the COVID vaccine. Not the cheapest choice, but well worth it."

Łukasz Michalecki MD, PhD - Vice-President NuMed Group SA

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We're practically synonymous with a 5-star experience

How are we different from others?

We call it the AntiMethod...

or English through logic.

You are taught by natives and bilinguals with practical experience and real understanding instead of philologists with diplomas, grammar book rules, and exercises.

You learn to logically understand grammar and think in English instead of being conditioned like Pavlov's dog with never-ending or making sense "repeat/memorize" schemes.,

We treat you like an adult and try to simulate your reality instead of boring and patronizing you with school book activities, dialogues in pairs, etc. which make you feel like a student.


Our AntiMethodists

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AntiMethod Man - Master Explainer


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